Nosara Paradise Casas

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Nosara Paradise Casas has the perfect location next to the nature preserve, in the quiet zone. This guarantees a wonderful nature experience that Costa Rica has to offer. In addition, the homes are just a few steps away from the business district and restaurants. To further enhance your stay the gardens have been designed to blend perfectly with the adjacent nature preserve. The series of mini gardens that range from hardwood trees to common foliage plants and a water garden, to a hand laid lime-rock parking area and road.

The complex, is a nature lover’s dream; from the monkeys sunning in the trees above the pool to the Pizotes wandering through the gardens. All of the units come complete with all the necessary amenities to fully enjoy your stay: kitchen appliances, utensils, microwave, blender, towels, linens, etcetera. There is also a complete support staff (gardener, concierge, cleaning and laundry services available) to ensure that your stay is as trouble free as possible.

The homes that are within the Nosara Paradise Casas Complex are Casa Privada, Casa Captain, Casa Caribe, Casa Neptune, Casa Bonita, Casa Surfiando, and Casa Tranquilla. Descriptions of the individual homes can be found on our rentals page. All of these homes will create memories that last a lifetime

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